Films about KMCH´s school home and about Humla

Films by Gustav Nord

At the end of October 2016, a group from KMCH SG visited our school home in Yangar village in Humla. Gustav Nord filmed during our trip and here you can see the result. Just tap the link

Gustav's film above begins when we already have arrived at the school home. Below are two short films by Gustav from the same trip, showing more of the trip to the school home (6:19 min.) and of our reception at the school home (2:56 min.) 

The film about the journey to the school home starts when we go to the airport in Nepalgunj to take the plane up to the village Simikot in Humla. From Simikot it takes three days for us to hike up to the school home. It is varied terrain terrain and an amazing experience. Once at the school home, we are met by the children and receive flowers and khatas and are treated with a fantastic singing and dancing performance. Watch and enjoy.

Journey to school home: 

Reception at the school home : 

Films by Chembal Lama

The first school home in Yangar in July 2009. 
In the spring of 2009, KMCH opened its first school home in the village Yangar in Humla. KMCH rented part of a house for the school home. In July of that year, Chembal Lama recorded a film (6:42 min.) from the school home. It was much more primitive than the new school home, but the children were just as happy as now. In 2010, all the children in the school home in Kathmandu moved to this school home. Watch the movie by clicking here

Festival at Namkha Khyung Zong Monastery 2009
During our visits to Humla, we have often attended festivals/religious holidays at the monastery in the village of Yalbang where we had our health clinic until year 2017 and where our children's school is located. Several of us have taken short film snaps with our cameras but these have not been compiled into any whole. The festivals gather a lot of people and there is a lot of music and dancing by both monks and villagers.

In 2009, Chembal made a film (8:38 min.) from a festival that year. There is no speaker text in the film. To understand the symbolism of all dances and masks, long learned expositions are needed. We can only enjoy the experience. To watch the video just click here: