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KMCH is a locally rooted and democratic organization in Nepal. It was founded in 2007 and has primarily focused on giving poor children from the District of Humla in Nepal the opportunity to go to school. But soon the activities were expanded to include health care and to support the development of the civil society in Humla. KMCH is registered at the District Administration Office in Humla and connected to the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu. The Initiator and Chairman of the KMCH in Nepal is the former buddhist monk Chembal Lama, who is from the village of Yangar in Humla. 

Chembal.halvfigur lg upplsning 263x350

KMCH Support Group in Sweden, was also started in 2007. It is a non-profit organization which supports KMCH in Nepal. KMCH Support Group has so far, with support from interested individuals, associations and companies, largely financed KMCH´s activities in Nepal. 

Humla is isolated by Himalayan mighty peaks in the northwestern part of Nepal. It borders India and Tibet. Humla has around 50 000 inhabitants. Few people visit Humla if they do not live in the area or are on a pilgrimage to Kailash or Mansarovar. It seems that the seclusion and the thin air has made time to stand still and so saved and enriched the culture of the region.

 Humla is called "The hidden Himalaya". It is one of Nepal's poorest districts. The roads are rather trails that winds along the mountain slopes and the means of transport are usually yaks, goats, donkeys or horses. Utility tools are often outdated, the illiteracy rate is high and access to health care is for most people outside the village of Simikot very limited. 

However, changes are afoot. A road is under construction from the border of Tibet, the threshing with flails on the flat roofs has largely been replaced by mobile threshing machines and many greenhouses have been built in recent years. Since many years it has been possible to use internet in Simikot, and cell phones can be used in several villages. 

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KMCH has a clear environmental profile and all projects designed to promote a sustainable development in the district. The organization cooperates with the village council of Yangar, the monastery Namkha Khyung Dzong, which is the cultural center of upper Humla, with other NGO´s working in Humla and with the regional authorities of Humla.

 KMCH´s School Home

KMCH operates a school home that provides children from poor families to attend school. The school home is located in the village of Yangar. There live today 47 children, 28 girls and 19 boys from 15 different villages. They are between 7 and 19 years of age and attend a governmental school in the nearby village of Yalwang on the main road between Simikot, the capital village of Humla, and Yangar.

KMCH has since its start year 2007 rented houses for the school home, first in Kathmandu and since 2009 in the village of Yangar. Due to the unrest in the country at that time and the lack of quality of the schools in Humla, Chembal Lama judged Kathmandu as a safer and better place for the school home than Humla.

In spring 2010 all the 17 children in Kathmandu were moved to Yangar. In the autumn of 2012 all the children moved to an own new building on a place that the village council of Yangar already 2008 had set aside for KMCH. The building consisted of four rooms and with a provisional kitchen in a building beside. In the area, which is located some distance from the village of Yangar, KMCH had already in 2010, with help from the Swiss engineer Bastian Etter, built some toilets and brought water in pipes from a source in the mountain above.  

In 2013 and 2014 further investments were carried out. Now there are two buildings, one in which most of the children and staff are living and one with classrooms, storage, office and housing for some of the children. There are bunk beds and stoves in the sleeping rooms and a long-awaited water and sanitation projects has started. The kitchen is still in a temporary building. 

Sovhuset 640x480 Nya huset 640x480
The house where most of the children and the staff sleep.  The new house intended for teaching, storage, office etc.

KMCH has a greenhouse and two kitchen gardens. Yields from these provide important vitamins and a variety to the otherwise rather one-sided diet. All other food is purchased in Tibet or in Simikot. There is no food for sale in the neighbourhood. 

Vid vattenslangen 640x480 In the green house 640x425
The only outlet for water. Unsecure access and mostly crowded. Work in the green house.

KMCHs health clinic

Since 2008 KMCH operates, in cooperation with the nearby monastery of Namkha Khyung Zong, a health clinic called Namkhyung Charity Clinic, NCC. The clinic is located in the monastery. It is well attended and all care and medicine is free.

These two projects are prioritized by KMCH. KMCH has initiated and inspired to the construction of greenhouses and pushed the Education Office to take responsibility for the adult education. KMCH has also started a little handicraft project, but this is due to the difficulty of selling the products, dormant.

Other projects can be started individually or in cooperation with other organizations if special funds and, if needed, appropriate technical and administrative skills can be obtained. We then think of projects like reforestation and education in agriculture and animal husbandry etc.

The needs are great in this poor and neglected region. The commitment and the will to change the situation, is strong within the population of Humla. What they need to continue the process of change is support in the form of money and expertise in different areas. 

Jordbruk A 640x360 Tröskning Kopia 600x399 
 Plowing with yaks is possible on the slightly larger fields.  Threshing machines have largely replaced threshing with flails.


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 KMCH in Nepal

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The older men of the Board of KMCH SG in Humla 2011.

From the left Pär, Italo, Richard, Eddy and Hans.

Up to the right you see Anton with his father Italo and to the right Irma and Gustav.


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