Newsletter no 1 2020

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Newsletter no. 1 2020 from KMCH Support Group

                                                                                             Ekerö 15 February 2020

Hello, Namaste och Thashi Delek

In this newsletter you can, among other things, read a Thank you all from KMCH in Nepal and a little about the year that has passed. Unfortunately, for those who have followed the newsletters during the year, there will be no direct news.

Soon you will read something from the year that has passed …...
but first a THANK YOU ALL from the president of KMCH Nepal, Chembal Lama. I quote the introduction to this year's Progress Report.


Once children and young people are given the opportunity to access quality education, skills and meaningful employment, the potential for Nepal’s development can be truly unlocked,” stated Faris H. Hadad-Zervos, World Bank Country Manager for Nepal.

When we mention education, it weaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching, but education is beyond the classical paper-pencil-black board theory. It has evolved into the giant wheel that has many spokes such as personality management, time management, competing beyond boundaries etc. We strived hard to propagate our age-old theory to impart quality education to the students who seek excellence in their pursuit for an indomitable career.

In these New Year we pledged to educate more girl child and give more opportunity, so that no girls are left out of school. This is not an easy task because girl’s in our society face immense challenges. Mainly due to the lack of support from their families and the displeasing attitude of the society towards a school going girl child.

We have a long way to go and further hope to tap into areas where girl need our support. One of areas we can help is to give them quality education.  I am extremely grateful to our supporters, staff and donors for the role they have played in enabling us (KMCH) to become the voice of impoverished girl in the Humla. We look forward to receiving these continuous supports to ensure to eradicate illiterate rate of girl’s to its fullest.

 I would like to acknowledge all the supporters, donors and friends of KMCH without whose support outcomes and performance would not have been possible. It was only with their encouragement and support that KMCH establishes a benchmark for people of Humla. We will continue to strive for the vision and enable girls to become active agents of social and economic change.  
                                                                                                                            CHEMBAL LAMA

The year that has past
Chembal is in his text above pressing on the need to support girls' education. It is gratifying and is shown in the gender distribution of the number of children at the school home in 2019, 41 girls and 26 boys. In December, eight children graduated from class 10, 5 girls and 3 boys. We believe that the gender balance in 2020 will be like that that of 2019. The board of the school in Yalbang and the head of the school home are now in the process of, or have already decided, which new children will come to the school home when the school starts again in March.


This is maybe how it looks like now.

As we previously have reported we increased the number of children with 20 in spring 2019. It also meant that there were not only children from villages in the surrounding area to the village of Yalbang, in northern Humla, where the school is located. Some came from villages south of Humla's main town Simikot. The children came from 19 villages, and several are now from other ethnic groups than Bhotias, which are pre-ruled in our neighborhood. This means that religions other than Buddhism also are represented.

As usual, the children have done well at school. In previous newsletters we have told about the good testimonies the school, Shree Mahabauddaha Secondary School, has received from the Nepalese authorities. It is gratifying and probably creates further involvement from those concerned. This spring, education in agriculture begins, which we believe is a very initiative. In Yalbang, the authorities will also open a local office, and so will a bank do to.


Tibetan dance

The investments in 2019 have included two new toilets and four walk-in showers. The water to the showers is heated by solar panels. The shower room have been sponsored by the Olofsson Family Foundation and the toilets by a for us new donor, Water for All. It is an aid organization run by the staff of the companies of Atlas Copco and Epiroc and that is supported by the companies concerned.

We have gradually improved the comfort and hygiene conditions at the school home. However, much remains to be done. During the current year we hope to install reading lights for all children, as it is now, there is basically a lamp in every room where it sleeps eight to ten children. We have no cost estimate yet, but we hope that it doesn't have to be too expensive. Neither the school nor our school home has a library. Time and opportunity to read other than homework does not seem to exist, and free reading is probably quite unusual in these areas. We will investigate whether a library would be a good investment for our school home. We are also thinking of getting meteorologists in Nepal to open a weather station at the school home. There are no such stations north of Simikot.

KMCH SG has received, for the business crucially grants from the Olofsson Family Foundation. The Water for All Foundation has sponsored the new toilets. The New Hope Foundation, which has supported us for years now, made a break in 2019 but has promised to return in 2020. However, the large number of donors are among all private individuals who choose to support us. Thankfully, many of them have been faithful for many years.


Nepalese dance

KMCH Support Group has been and is still the main sponsor of KMCH Nepal. Significant contributions to KMCH Nepal have for many years come from our friends in Switzerland, the Verein Humla-Schweiz association. For some years, The Adara Group has also supported KMCH Nepal. Adara Group is an Australian NGO that is one of the most important contributors to education and health care in Humla.

Our students
Eight of our children, five girls and three boys, graduated from Class 10 in December 2019. These will write their final exams, the so-called School Leaving Certificate (SLC) this spring. So far, all 11 children from KMCH, who have written this test, have succeeded so well that they have been entitled to study further. Thanks to support from the Olofsson Family Foundation and the Society for Street Children in Nepal, everyone has received financial support so that they have been able to study further. Most have studied or are still studying in Kathmandu.

KMCH will exhibit at the Taragaon  Museum  in  Kathmandu  this  autumn.
During our spontaneous meetings with young people and students in Kathmandu, we have been struck by how little they know about the Region of Humla. Many have been completely questioned when we mentioned the name. This we brought up with a curator at the Taragaon Museum. The conversation resulted in that, perhaps it could be changed through an exhibition at the Museum about Humla and KMCH. The exhibition would be specifically focused on schoolchildren. The exhibition will probably be between the 5th and 9th of October this year. 

Italo, who is in Kathmandu to study Nepali and Buddhism, is now having discussions with the museum about the design of the exhibition. Taragaon Museum is a very beautiful museum. Look at and you'll find out more about it and see the beautiful buildings.

Losar - The Tibetan New Year.
On February 24, we leave the Year of the Earth Pig 2146 and enter the Iron Rat 2147. Losar is one of the most important feasts in the Tibetan cultural circle and thus also in the part of Humla where KMCH operates. Losar is like a combination of Christmas Eve, New Year and birthday with us. No special birthdays are celebrated, but all celebrations are concentrated in Losar, which lasts several days. 

Those who want to celebrate Losar in Stockholm can do it on Sunday, March 1, starting at 13.00 at the Ethnographic Museum.

Support to KMCH Support Group can be paid to our bank on: BIC-SWEDSESS IBAN-SE57 8000 0832 7990 4500 6518.

Greetings from the board of

KMCH Support Group


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